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Mr and Mrs...err,..Mr. Hatake

The small cottage/hideout was furnished with the necessaries. Kakashi had done some "rounds" to ensure that they were alone while Iruka was busy putting the little one on the single bed in the entire place. It appeared as though Iruka only used that hideout when assignments were to be taken care off.

Kakashi heard the front door as he was preparing to enter, "are you done making sure we are alone? Eventhough I told you it is pointless?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "maa, you can't never be too sure." He lifted his hand to clean some blood off his face.

Iruka frowned and motioned for Kakashi to follow him inside. Once inside, he led him towards the bathroom and took out the firs Aid kit he always kept under the sink cabinet. "Sit on the toilet while I go and turn the lights off in the rest of the place."

Kakashi chuckled, "I thought you said it was safe."

"It is, but you can never be too sure right?" He threw back at his husband, who only slumped his shoulders while Iruka left the bathroom. Minutes later, Iruka returned with a few towels in hand. "I still think you have to see someone for that eye."

"And risk getting shot? No thanks." Iruka ignored the idiot hubby and began to clean around the eye. Kakashi only stared up at him making the younger man a bit flustered. "Stop staring!!"

"I can't help it. This is the first time in months that you've actually gotten close to me," was the quiet confession. Iruka took a step back.

"And whose fault is that? Tell me... I certaintly was home more than you were Kakashi. I was always there and when you disapeared to do your business and came back, most of the time you locked yourself in our room. So don't go putting blame on me for any lack of affection of the sorts. And FYI, you can forget any of that for a long time coming. You lying bastard." He made to leave but Kakashi stood and quickly held him in place.

"I 'm a lying bastard? Excuse me but I do believe that I'm not the only one here with a double life Iruka. Why were you at that same address as me? and more importantly why did you have a gun? Aren't you the goody two-shoes teacher?"

"Shut the fuck up, I just wanted to care for your damned eye and that's it." He hissed.

Kakashi shoved him into the wall near the door and pinned him there., "no we are going to talk. You are quick to point out my faults and such, what were you doing there? Better yet, why didn't you tell me your dirty little secret? And this eye is fucking like this because of you asshole!!!."

Iruka's eyes widened in shock. His sweet caring husband had never ever dared to call him any names, not even when they argued over the blankets, only he *Iruka* was the only one in the relationship to get away with name calling *like pervert and idiot* when they were arguing, but Kakashi never ever raised his voice, never called him names and never laid his hands on Iruka. It was hurting him to see a different side to his Kakashi.

Kakashi knew he was hurting Iruka, but he too was hurt. He was lied to for all of the years they've been married. Eventhough he too had lied, it still hurt him. Iruka was pure, innocent was clean not like him a cold blooded killer for hire. Exhaliing, he let his hold on Iruka loosen and then all too soon sat on the toilet again. "I've been an assasin and Spy for a long time now Iruka. I'm a perfect liar and killer, but tonight things turned. Something is up and I don't want to fight with you about this anymore. I'm shocked that you are in the same profession as me and that both of our Alias are as professors, but  I wasn't the best in my field if  I could't even tell that you were in the same business as well. I was sent to eliminate Mizuki and his accomplises, but I never expected a child to be involved and I never expected you to show up as well."

Iruka slid down the wall and sat down, "I guess I wasn't the best either. I should have known that you weren't who you said you were when you started disappearing for odd jobs here and there. I too was sent to eliminate Mizuki, he was a threat to my organization with his weapons smuggling. He was my job a year ago but I messed up and the boss gave me another shot tonight. Funny I didn't even do my job again. Who do you work for?"

Kakashi took in a deep breath, "C.O.B.B.A.C., Centralized Operation Bring Back Assasins' Corpes. We deal with renegade Assasins and their associates and we bring their corpes back to the main office. The main head quarters is the COBRAS. They deal with the big fishes, corrupt politicians and guerilla tactics. I work in both." All the while Iruka's face became paler and paler. This is impossible, was all that he could think at the moment. Kakashi waited for his husband to say something but the younger man just clasped a hand to his mouth. "Iruka? Iruka??"

Iruka stood fast making Kakashi stand as well in case the younger man would do something, "we have to get out of here Kakashi. We have to get out now."

"I don't understand. You said it was safe." He began to panic.

"It is, but Anko is coming here. Kakashi don't you get it...don't..."

"GET WHAT IRUKA?" he shouted. It was irritating when Iruka continued to pace and wasn't making sense.

Iruka sat him down again, "Kakashi, why do you think they came to kill you?"

"I'm trying to figure that out...give me a minute."

"For a genius you sure are dumb. We work for the same people Kakashi. I was a target Kakashi and if what I'm assuming is true, you were next on the list because of your relation to me. Don't you see Kakashi, I failed to kill Mizuki twice, so killing me was their next option. Failure is not acceptable you know that."

"No no that makes no sense Iruka. I mean, why try to kill me first?"

Iruka shook his head, "It didn't matter. If they killed me first or you it still wouldn't matter. We are targets to them now. And Anko is coming here don't you see, she's part of the organization and she might be sent here to kill us. Only she knows that I come here and..." His cellphone began to ring.  "It's Anko."

"Don't take it"

"I have to Kakashi."

"But you said she might be sent to kill us."

"I got to talk to her Kakashi. Got to convince her to let us go. Let us go far far away."

Scoffing Kakashi took the cell phone from Iruka. "No baby, they wont let us do that."

"But we got to try. She's my best friend."

"We don't have friends in this business, Iru...but if you must take it."

Taking the cellphone, Iruka flipped it open. "Anko?"

Iruka, you have to leave soon. I can't tell you much, but I'm being followed to your place and I need you to get out now. I'm on the cellphone we both bought and is not traceable. The organization has a hit out on you and Hatake, everyone knows, Including the Hyuugas and Nodas. And once they are deployed it is hard to lose them. I got a stach of cash in the same place I always leave it at. Take it and leave, disappear for a while. See you soon hunny.

She hung up and Iruka quickly ran out of the room. Kakashi following him, "baby what's going on? what did she say?"

"We have to leave now. She is being followed here. Take the baby Kakashi while I get us some weapons and money. We have to hide at another place. Trust me this one no one knows, not even Anko. But if we don't leave in the next half hour she will lead them here or it's her head too." He ran to a cupboard and took out a huge wad of money. Kakashi was busy taking the kid and grabbing his weapons from the floor. Once he came out to the livingroom, Iruka had two bags ready and a calm face. "Okay, we will be travelling for two days to where we need to go. The first half hour we will travel in the car and then dump it. Chances are it is reported missing already. The next half hour we will walk in the woods...then after that we have to find a way to get some sort of transportation." Kakashi nodded and they left the house.

While on their run they hid in a small village far from the city....

As they sat at a small dinner, Iruka bounced the little boy on his lap while Kakashi watched the news.

"Breaking news this morning. The bodies found early morning yesterday have been identified as that of Senator Uzumaki and his young wife. The senator who was running for president of Konoha, was kidnapped along with his wife and child a week ago and their whereabouts unknown. The third body identified is that of infamous smuggler Mizuki...he was responsible for the kidnappings and was thought to be behind the murder of our fourth Senator...Mr. Sarutobi. Sources say that the son of the couple has yet to be found and the possibility of him being found alive are slim to none. No known photos or names have been found on the youngster and it is believed that Mizuki and whoever he was working with or for errased his existence. We will keep you up to date with more news on this tragic loss of a great Senator and his lovely wife."

Iruka shook his head and Kakashi knew that the people he was ordered to kill were innocent people. "I believe I now know why they wanted us dead Iruka. And we are going to get even with them." Iruka did not like the sound of that, but he wasn't ready to let the little boy's family death be in vain.


Chapter Four...Trying to figure out where the bug is....

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Mr. and Mrs...err..Mr. Hatake

Chapter three
Author: Animefreak03

Mr and Mrs...er...Mr Hatake

Chapter one: The lies
Author: Animefreak03

I hope that you enjoy this fic and that I might have made your day!!


I am trying to get the hang of this LJ thing. I mean I don't even know hot to do the next chapter link thingy...you know when you have many chapters and you want readers to get to the next one, I can't do that. I have to make new entries and new entries but never a continious thing.  I hope someone will help me. LOVE my sasuHina pic. I love these two characters. 

In order....

Naruto Series, Which I've only seen a few episodes off. Too many fillers make me go AGGG.

1 Sasuke and Hinata. They are perfect for each other. Both come from a noble clan. They were BRED to be perfect but clearly arent. They are Polar Opposites but at the same time they are very much the same. They were the first pairing I took a liking to on the Naruto Fanfiction section. Check out Bullwinkle's lady and her amazing stories. There are many out there.

2 Kakashi Iruka. ANd yeah I like the UKE teacher more than the Seme Teacher. I don't know why, but Iruka and Kakashi share many things in common. Losing their parents, teaching the same kids...I just love them. they are the pair you wouldn't even see in the same room for more than ten minutes, but to me in my world the work.

3 Ino and Naruto. I don't know why but two blondes...yeah I know the blonde jokes are running high for some, but I love them together. they are both MERRY LIVELY can't keep me down shibobi. I admire that in them. I think that Ino's misplaced cruse (yeah i went there) is cute and annoying, but I wish the creators would have at least given her some naruto action. LOL....


More to come.... 

 I don't know who the Creator of this magnificent piece of work is, but I want to say THANK YOU for it. I can't wait to write a story based on this family pick. Iruka and Kakashi would make the most amazing babies as this picture clearly states. LOVE IT. aww Look at stern Papa Kashi holding onto his little...er, don't know if it's a girl or boy, but ohman what a hot papa kashi is. And Iruka being laid back almost makes me think that Kashi is rubbing off on him. >_<, Well either way they are HOT Hot HOT.

Well with the Okay to post my stories, I would like to first say that I do not Own tenchi Muyo nor its characters. I do own whatever OC you come across my stories. Also, Note that these stories will be Un-BETA for the simple reason that when I tried my luck with two Betas they, excuse the language, F**ked my stories. I don't pretend to be this amazing writer nor do I want you all to think i'm lazy when it comes to editing and proofreading. I hate Grammar erros just as much as the other person, but I'm just a fast typist and I hate going over my stories more than once to find and nip-pick at every mistake. If you point it out to me that would be much appreciated. Thank you.,..